How often do we sit with our media toys and play games or watch our favorite tv shows. I love to listen to music and meditations on my ipod. Technology is amazing. I have found that I go into a meditative state when doing those things and although its not like the shift that happens when I’m doing readings, it is similar.

My vibrational energy changes and with all the changes going on in the atmosphere it is good to be aware of what that means to each of us. I encourage my students to be mindful of the energy surrounding them when they are in this hypnogogic place of media bliss. That also includes Facebook! Anything that makes you forget time and space is included even though our minds are fully engaged.

A good way to deal with it is to make sure you are surrounded in the white light energy.  For those of you not familiar with it, the white light energy connects you, or keeps you connected, to the divine or positive energy out there. Just focusing on it for a short time and envisioning it surrounding you will be enough to connect and protect you from the more dense vibrations that most of us want to avoid.

This comes up because my energy has shifted in ways I’m not even sure I can describe and it has made me more aware of what is happening. Tapping in has changed for me and I have to readjust my approach to my surroundings. For those of you fully aware of the white light energy be aware also of this change. Especially if you notice there is a different ‘feel’ out there. Notice what may be happening to your own energy when you have spent some time involved in social media in any way. It’s a wonderful advance in for all of us, but it must be addressed if we are to grow with the changes in our atmosphere.