About My Work

The abililty to read your energy through color and mediumship can and will give you clarity in your life.

It will change the way you see yourself and your current situations. As information unfolds it helps you to have a better understanding of your life in the broader sense.

I will be able to see what strengths and characteristics you already have to draw upon to help you on your journey.

Spirit will guide me into your past (not just from this lifetime but also past lifetimes as well), your present and future for information to help you gain insight, as well as glimpsing into your own connections with spirit to see how you can improve it.

Mediumship abilites can help by breaking down the wall of separation from loved ones, opening up a connection and giving you a sense of peace and healing, no matter what the relationship was at passing.

As a Psychic Medium I use whatever spirit can send me to help you on your path, which allows me to offer different services for you to choose from.


Color Reading ~ This is based on the psychic energies and encompasses information about things happening in your life now. It is helpful when you feel change coming or have been unable to understand why you are in situations that seem complex and painful.  It’s wonderful when you are feeling  stuck in place or need help making a decision.

Medium Reading ~These readings are for connecting with your loved ones who have crossed.  Not only is it comforting to know they are still around and watching over us, but they are often helpful with advice and information.

Reiki~ The Energy healing known as Reiki is powerful in every aspect. As a Reiki Master I can help with a session of healing that also promotes spiritual growth. I include healing in all aspects of my work. No matter what kind of reading I am doing I feel the Reiki saying applies…“It is the God in me, seeing the God in you”.

That couldn’t be more true when you work with spirit.